Welcome at Amsterbed!

Amsterbed: electronical adjustable kingsize bed
Amsterbed: electronical adjustable kingsize bed


Your happy place in Amsterdam!


Right here on the very perfect location in central Amsterdam, there is this very small hotel called b&b Amsterbed although we do not serve breakfast.


Why stay at Amsterbed? 


Our charming place is in the unique www.denegenstraatjes.nl area, next to the www.houseboatmuseum.nl . This area in central Amsterdam is the famous Jordaan, Unesco area. Unique piece of Amsterdam with fantastic canals and many many wonderful places. Multiple bars and restaurants. 


As good as all high-lights of Amsterdam are on walking distance from our place. Like: 

www.rijksmuseum.nl : collection of Dutch art in the past centuries

www.stedelijkmuseum.nl : contemporary art

www.vangoghmuseum.nl : our famous impressionist Van Gogh

http://annefrankhuis.nl/ : the house of Anne Frank during WWII

www.concertgebouw.nl : classical concert building

www.stadsschouwburg.nl etc. : check for last minute tickets at www.aub.nl


How about the room?


The ground floor of the building with a completely brand new private bathroom and private toilet (not on the pictures yet!). Even better: the high quality kingsize bed is almost as big as the garden. Yes, the room in central Amsterdam comes with a compact lushful private garden! To read and to chill.


We can tell you much more about the room but we hope you trust us. We love Amsterdam, we love comfort and pleasure. We have a very nice place to stay. You are most welcome to stay with us.


Feel invited to check availability: corinakroon@gmail.com




Family Kroon


Elandsgracht 39

1016 TN Amsterdam


0031 6 16478685


PS If you like to read more about the Jordaan: http://www.tussentaalenbeeld.nl